Excellent Corrosion Resistanc PVC Blue Corrugated Plastic Roofing Sheets

Excellent Corrosion Resistanc PVC Roof Tiles Placstic Corrugated Roof Sheets  Pvc panel is made of superior corrosion-resistance resin and corrosion-resisatant reinforcement.In 20% sulfuric acid ,15%hydrochloric acid ,40% hydrofluoric acid,20% nitric acid,5% sodium hydroxide,ammonia and other steam experimental environment, the panel is still maintain the stability of the products,Ensure long-term safe of the products. Advantages: 1. High quality raw materials 2. Anti-load capacity 4. Insulations 5. Noise insulation 6. Recycled material ​Application:
hight-grade plants steel factories warehouse
farm market market access ceramic plants
soy sauce factory chemical plants smelters
Technical Data:
property Index Standard Achieved Standard
Transverse fracture resistance ≥3000N/M ≥4900 N/M
Longitudinal fracture resistance ≥200N/M ≥320 N/M
Impact resistance no cracking or spalling of through holes and cracks No cracks no flaking no linking and cracks
Water absorption 26% ≤14%
The impermeable After soaking, tile surface appearance shall not spread and spots on the back No spread and spots, no water droplets
Frost resistance After 25 times freeze-thaw cycles without layers emerged No surface layer
Coefficient of thermal conductivity 1.1839W/M.K 1.1839W/M.K
Artificial weathering Powder level Free of Powder Free of Powder
Color level ≤2 0
Chromatic aberration E ≤3 ≤0.66
tile edges should be neat, uniform thickness, no holes on the surface defects such as cracks, deformations, every piece of tile size should be consistent.