ASA Synthetic Resin Tile

  • Description
The ASA synthetic resin tile is a kind of Spanish style synthetic resin roof tile. ASA is a kind of ternary polymer co-extruded by three kinds of materials at one time: acrylonitrile, styrene, and acrylate. Either two-layer or three-layer co-extrusion technology is typically applied for the material production. ①The adoption of highly weather resistant engineering resin ASA , makes sure the surface layer has at least 10 years’ color stability, superior UV resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance as well. ② Good quality modified PVC materials with high toughness is adopted to ensure the strength while without compromising on the rigidity. ③Adopts high toughness to ensure both strength and rigidity. The special material also offers a sense of space, and makes the building interior look brighter.
  • Product Advantages
1. Long Lasting Color Stability 2. Superior Corrosion Resistance 3. Remarkable Heat Insulation 4. Highly Fire Resistant 5. Exceptional Waterproof Performance 6. Convenient and Efficient Installation
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  • Applications:
The Spanish style ASA roof tile offers an ideal roofing material solution when you are planning to reconstruct your flat roof into pitched roof. Also, it is a kind of commonly used building material for sheds, carports, stadiums, villas, holiday villages, mobile homes, prefabricated houses, garden pavilion, as well as many other types of residential and commercial buildings.