ASA PVC composite roof sheet

Pvc Corrugated Roof Tiles High Teampature Resistance Strong Load Capacity Roofing Tile PVC plastic tile is mainly used in high-grade workshops, steel structure workshops, warehouses, farmer's market channels, carports, especially in corrosive factories such as ceramics factories, chemical plants, electroplating plants, fertilizer plants, etc. PVC plastic tiles are also widely used in balconies and insulation sheds with certain insulation requirements. Specification:
Width 1130mm / 1120mm / 930mm / 910mm / 720mm or as clients requirement
Length 5800mm or 11800mm for 20ft or 40ft container or as clients requirement  
Thickness 0.8mm~3.0mm as clients requirement
Colors White / Blue / Green / Red / Gray or as clients requirement
Layer 1 layer / 2 layers / 3 layers / 4 layers
Wave profile Medium circular / Trapezoidal
Feature Corrosion resistance / Sound insulation / Weather resistance / Heat insulation / Light weight
Application Factory building / Warehouse / Farm's market / Market access / Residential building / Mobile room / Flat-to-sloping roof conversion / Weather sheds / Sun sheds / Car parks Very suitable for corrosive chemical fatories. Such as ceramic fatory , soy sause fatory , printing and dyeing fatory , organic solvent fatory and so on
Features : 1, weather resistance, anti-corrosion excellence - it has been verified by practice, product applications in a variety of climatic conditions, all show the good weather resistance, corrosion in acid, alkali, saline land in show good decay resistance performance 2. Excellent water-proof performance -- use of the waterproof layer in the building of 15-90 grade slope roof. 3. Anti-wind and anti-seismic --90 degree building facade decoration is safe and reliable, which can withstand 12 strong wind. 4. Good fireproof performance -- the material's resistance to combustion is class B1, which is a refractory material. 5. Sound absorption and heat insulation performance -- the porous foamed core layer has good sound attenuation and heat insulation performance. 6. Large area and light weight -- light body material, reducing construction load. 7. Rich in color, durable and stable -- fluorocarbon paint coating, rich in color, surface gloss, acid and alkali resistance, not mildew, rain as new. 8. Strong toughness and high strength -- better toughness and strength than similar products. 9. Convenient construction -- the products can be directly stud, drill, saws, planer, easy to handle the facade and the arc window and other special roofing styles.